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  1. Screenshot Error Resume Often a New Client error is common. Whether in the Client itself, or in its Launcher ... One of his most common is this: the failure to update files. This can happen for a few reasons, but often the solution is the same! To learn how to fix this bug and proceed with a calm, quiet update, I will provide a tutorial and some tips for this. Tutorial On your keyboard, press the Windows key and R at the same time. A window will open similar to or similar to the one below, type % appdata% and click OK (or enter) A folder full of folders will open inside, look for: otPokémon , enter it, then Data > Client Already in this folder, delete two folders: Data and Modules After that, open your launcher and it will download normally, and then problem solved! TIPS Disable your Antivirus, some Antivirus is exaggerated block some files from running even though it has no viruses. Update your drivers, although this error is not caused by drivers, there are others that happen because of this. A great program for this is Driver Boost. Reinstall NewClient by downloading it from the otPokémon website. If you have a different error, post here that I can try to help you! (I performed this procedure on Windows 7 and with it I helped several people before on similar operating systems, for Linux and other Windows versions may have a different method of opening the folders, but the procedure remains)