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Addons: What is that? How to get? How to use?

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Lets's talk a little about the addons of the game. 

"Addons" is how we call the accessories and stuff to be insert in a character. Originaly, this is the use for addons in the plataform of the game (tibia).
But the OtPokémon's team went beyond from addons just in characters and made this cool system of addons for pokémons. This way you can personalize the appearence of your pokes and change them from the rest.


The addons are special items you use in your pokemons (you use the same way you use evolution stones) and each addon is restricted for specifics pokemons, you can see it in the function "look" (shift+click on the item). Aren't all the pokémons that can use addons, cause don't exist addons for them all, and it just change the appearence. It don't give any power/life buff.
The addon comes from the addon box: 
                           AddonBox.png  Addon Box
You can get the addon in the following ways:
  • Buying the addon box in the official website. Price: 5 points;
  • Buying the addon box, or the addon itself, from others players;
  • Completing quests that rewards you with the addon box.
When using a pokémon that has one or more add ons, remember the commands for the addon uses:
  • !addon 0 = occults the addons of the pokémon, not removing it;
  • !addon 1 = shows the first addon in use;
  • !addon n (n = other number) = if you have two or more addons, will show the addon accourding to the number;
  • !addon remove = remove all addons of the pokémon permanently, and the addon DON'T return as an item. The addon dissapear forever. So think very well before using addon in a poke, cause after using it, no way to return as an item again.


If you have any doubt about addons, use this topic to ask.

Fell free to show imagens of your pokemons using addons!

Originally in portuguese by [Help] Juh Targaryen.

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