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Beginning! First steps (Old Client) part 1

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Hello my friends, how are you doing? This is a tutorial on how to take the first steps inside the game. Shall we begin?

(Click on "Show content" to see the image)


Tutorial 11.png



This is the first image you'll see when logging in to the Game, I'll explain how to begin your journey from that. I have highlighted some parts of the image so you can understand what is and what means all those colors and names.

Red Square: This red square is the image of your character, also known as "Outfit". It represents the cloth you are wearing. Currently there are 14 options of clothes that you can choose and customize the colors.


Purple Squares: These 2 purple squares are used to switch through the available outfits. Just left click any of them so you outfit will change.


Yellow Square: As you can see, there are 4 boxes on the outfit's right side. Each one of them is responsible for a part of your outfit that you can change the color. This one is called 'Head' and represents your character's hair color. To choose a color, just left click the one you want.


White Square: This box called 'Primary' represents the upper part of your character's body. To choose it's color, just left click the one you want.


Blue Square: This box called 'Secondary' represents the lower part of your character's body. To chose it's color, just left click the one you want.


Pink Square: The "Detail" box represents the outfit's detail (such as shoes and accessories). To chose it's color, just left click the one you want.


Brown Square: The OK button is used to save your changes.



The beginning.....


So after closing the outfit windows you will find yourself in this room (if you have played Pokémon on GBA you will familiarize with this scene). Here is where your magic POKÉMON TRAINER JOURNY begins!  To start your journey you will need a pokémon (of course) and as our friends trainers say, Professor Oak is responsible for giving you your first buddy. Let's go find him and get your mate!

First of all you will need to go down the stair to the lower floor, you can do this by walking to the spot marked with an arrow in the image.

(To move your character use the keyboard arrows or left click the spot you want to go to) 




In your way to Professor Oak, you will find some "NPCs" (Non-playable characters) that are in the game to help you evolve in it. An example is our friend Delia that is located in the building's lower floor. Let's see what she have to say.



To talk to a NPC, you have to get close to him and say "Hi". To talk something in a "local" mode inside the game, you must use the "Default" channel and type what you wish to say in the box marked with a red rectangle in the immage.

(Obs: There are sever chats inside the game, but this part comes in tutorial part 2)



When you say "hi" to a npc, a new chat called "NPCs", the NPC lines appear in your screen inside this chat as you can see in the image. In this case, our dear friend Dealia is teaching us on how to heal our pokémon with this text:  

Delia: Hello Jogador Iniciante. To heal your pokémon's hp you must be using it, or keeping it inside your PokeBag. Then you must come close to the NPC Nurse Joy and say Hi.

After talkg to her, say "Bye" or simply walk away form her to end the conversation. Lets move forward wit our journey.

You will find several other NPCs in the way, but to avoid a giant tutorial I will only show their lines with screen shots.


NPC ASH: (South of NPC Delia)


(In Portuhuese) Ash: Hey Jogador Iniciante. To capture a pokémon you must have a pokéball. You must defeat the pokémon you with to capture, then right click the pokéball and, finally, left click the defeated pokémon. If the ball's center goes green, you caught it!

NPC Olivia (At NPC Ash's right)


Olivia: Hi Jogador Iniciante. To be able to swim you must have a pokémon with surf ability (use the pokédex on a pokémon to know wether it has it or not), once you are using this pokémon you just have to right click the border between the water and the dirt.

Those are the only NPCs you will find before Professor Oak, who is already waiting for us, so let's go.


To get to him, follow the arrows in the image. Go right and then go down until you find our friend NPC Olivia


When you see Olivia, go right and enter this house


When you get to this house we will finally meet the genius Professor Oak (that is Called Professor Carvalho because it is a Brazilian made game). When you talk to him, he will teach you how to climb a ladder (that's for a good reason! When you climb the ladder near him you will finally be able to chose your first pokémon)!


Professor Carvalho: Hello Jogador Iniciante. There are some stairs like this one in the lab that you have to right click it's basis in order to go to the upper floor. In the upper floor here are the pokémon you can choose to start your journey. Have a nice gaming.


To climb the ladder, just right click its basis and choose "Use" as in the image above.


After its done, you will get to the upper floor, the magic place where you can choose your first pokémon.

Currently, otPokémon has the starting pokémon of the 3 first generation.

1st Generation

Charmander - Fire Type  

 download (3).jpg


Squirtle - Water Type



Bulbasaur - Grass Type



2nd Generation

Cyndaquil - Fire Type 

 download (4).jpg


Totodile - Water Type

download (5).jpg


Chikorita - Grass Type

download (6).jpg


3rd Generation

Torchic - Fire Type 

download (3).jpg

Mudkip - Water Type

download (4).jpg

Treecko - Grass Type

download (5).jpg

To choose your pokémon just go to the blue platform that is aside close to the one you wish to choose. After that you will be sent to the Pokémon Centre of the city you choose to be a citizen of...

That's the end of tutorial part 1.

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